Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Fishmas Game

Something to keep the Kids busy

May your Lines be Tight in 2018

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Stopped by the last school before Christmas Break

Over the last week or so I've been to about 23 school's finishing with Salmon Egg/Alevin drop off, then dropped off the supplies that were back ordered and the food needed once the egg sack is finished being absorbed, this should happen sometime over the holidays. 
#BrucePower #LakeHuronFishingClub #LHFCSchoolSalmonHatcheries #ChinookSalmon #Salmon #BigAlsPets #BlackflyLures 

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Kincardine Rainbow Trout tanks

The #RainbowTrout should will be Counted and Sorted in late January and their Fins will be clipped in February and then released in April or May. #LakeHuronFishingClub #Trout
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Kincardine Brown Trout tank

LHFC will be keeping their #BrownTrout longer to let them grow, hopefully this will improve the fisheries and have more returns and there are some nice ones in there they should be a nice size when they are released in April or May. #LakeHuronFishingClub #Trout
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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

LHFC Kincardine Rainbow and Brown Trout Hatchery

The volunteers have the #BrownTrout trays ready for the eggs that should be arriving soon at the eyed up stage 

The 8 month old #RainbowTrout and 1 year old #BrownTrout are looking good and growing nicely. #LakeHuronFishingClub

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Started off heading to Kincardine to the 3 schools there and finished with 7 all together

 Schools Dropped off Food, LHFC Stickers and Chemicals were needed, 



then headed to #BrooksidePublic the students are already hoping to be able to fish this year after the release again, 

#GoderichDistrictCollegiateInstitute where I found the eggs had never hatched, 

#NorthwoodsElementary lots of questions and a few stories from the students 

#WinghamSacredHeart just before the buses arrived more questions and already talking about the Salmon release in May there are a bunch of fisher boys and girls in this class. 

#LakeHuronFishingClub #LHFCSchoolSalmonHatchery #ChinookSalmon #Salmon #BrucePower #BigAlsPets #BlackflyLures #FishingFriendzy
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Monday, December 18, 2017

Another busy day volunteering and driving food around for the Salmon

Usually around the Christmas holidays the Salmon are ready to start to feed so the School's need the food delivered before it closes so at least one of the staff can start feeding them when it's time, after hatching they absorb the egg sack on their belly before they need to feed, this usually happens around the end of December. So far they all look great and only a few didn't hatch or have died since they hatched. #LakeHuronFishingClub #LHFCSchoolSalmonHatchery #BrucePower #BigAlsPets #BlacflyLures #ChinookSalmon #Salmon Stopped at 6 School's in #Hanover #Walkerton #Formosa #Teeswater #Schools
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Hanover Heights

Walkerton Sacred Heart High School added LHFC sticker

Walkerton District Community School had a loud pump and was leaking a bit replaced the pump twice and then changed a stripped threaded piece lol, fixed after about 1.5 hours.

 Formosa Immaculate Conception wanted their aquarium moved into the staff lunchroom so the floors could be stripped and re-waxed in the hall over the holiday's

Teeswater Hillcrest School sticker added too.

Teeswater Sacred Heart Elementary School sticker added too.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Resurrection Christian Academy in Guelph and Superman lol

Not everyday you get #Superman to help you with the School Salmon Hatchery, #BrucePower #LakeHuronFishingClub #LHFCSchoolSalmonHatcheries #ResurrectionChristianAcademy #ChinookSalmon #Salmon #BigAlsPets #BlackflyLures

From Dec 1 Tight Lines

Teeswater Sacred Heart and Hillcrest School salmon eggs are hatching

On November 28 I got a email one of the aquariums was leaking in town so I headed there after work and took them to the other school in town until I can get the one fixed up, always something, lol. A bunch of the school's have little salmon trying to swim around students are very excited.

Have been busy so this one got missed.
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Friday, December 8, 2017

Craig Kielburger Secondary School Milton

Last one for the day with Mike Burke from #OntarioFishingClub #BrucePower #LakeHuronFishingClub #LHFCSchoolSalmonHatcheries #BigAlsPets #Milton

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John McCrae Public School Guelph Salmon Hatchery

This was the 2nd school today and do you think they might have been a little excited, pretty sure they'll have lots of students in this library checking out the Salmon. #LakeHuronFishingClub #LHFCSchoolSalmonHatcheries #BrucePower #BigAlsPets

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Lincoln Heights Public School Waterloo

1st School set up today and in the library for all the students to take part in.

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Lake Huron Fishing Club Port Elgin Chinook Salmon Hatchery

Things are looking good and the salmon are very lively

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Fisheries Management Zone 16 (FMZ 16) Extended season changes possible no more Bass, Musky or Pike fishing

Fisheries Management Zone 16 (FMZ 16) Extended season could be changed as soon as next week, MNRF are discussing the change because a few employees have read the rules to say as of September 30 all fish seasons are closed, in the extended season the Trout and Salmon are the only ones open and charges will be laid for anyone fishing for #Musky, #Bass, #Pike in all extended season areas in according to Owen Sound Office, Grey and Bruce County Saugeen River, speak up or let them decide to change the interpreation and shut it down, hope the #FishingGuide have checked this out.