Saturday, December 26, 2015

Checking out the School Hatcheries

Usually starting them on food anytime now put with that much orange on their belly's they shouldn't be eating for a while but at least most of the Alevin in one of the aquariums are starting to swim.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Guelph Resurrection Christian Academy Hatchery Live Feed

Here we go again everybody can watch the School Salmon grow for the next 5 months until they get released, if you don't have one in your area follow it here. Feeding should start soon.

Last run to the Schools before Christmas break

With the schools being closed for 2 weeks some of the Alevin needed to be moved to our 65 gallon aquarium set up at the hatchery to be taken care of over the holidays & the food & feeders needed to be dropped of at the rest of the schools were Teachers & Staff will start feeding when they are ready, Wednesday I took a run to Goderich, Brookside, Wingham x 2, Teeswater x 2, Formosa, & Kincardine Schools & Thursday was Wiarton, Hanover Walkerton x 2, Ethel, Breslau & Guelph, there were lots of question & one of the volunteers said the Grade 1 students were more excited about my arrival than they were checking out their letters from Santa that they just went over together, lol, 

Live streaming of the Guelph RCA School 24/7 until May when they will be released. Check it out & follow along.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Brookside Public School Salmon Hatchery Program

All the eggs were hatched, so the students took the egg tray out & released the alevin in to the whole Aquarium. Great to have Students taking care of the Hatcheries daily activities! Students are also watching the temperature to make sure the chiller is running & keeping the temperature close to the set point.

Saugeen Central School Salmon Hatchery in Port Elgin

Grade 2 class is doing a mural on the progression of the Salmon: Eggs to Alevin to Smolts. This is what they have so far. Looking very good!