Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Fishmas to everybody and may your LINES be TIGHT

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2 headed Salmon Alevin Wingham Sacred Heart School

Notice this today when I stopped into Wingham & took the cover off the Aquarium, lol. 1st one we've had in the School Hatchery Program.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 2 Checking in on a few Schools and dropping off the Feeders & Food, feels like the movie Ground Hog Day lol

Another long day dropping off feeders and food starting at 08:00 in Mildmay Sacred Heart School, Formosa Immaculate Conception, Walkerton District Community School, Walkerton Sacred Heart High School, Hanover Heights Public, Chesley District Community School, Collingwood Parkveiw Public School, Collingwood Jean Vanier High School and ending at Wiarton Peninsula Shores District School at 4:30pm, stopped in for a visit with Dad and home by 8:00pm.  

Mildmay Sacred Heart School

Formosa Immaculate Conception

Walkerton District Community School

Walkerton Sacred Heart High School

Hanover Heights Public

Chesley District Community School

Collingwood Parkveiw Public School

 Collingwood Jean Vanier High School 

Wiarton Peninsula Shores District School

Wiarton Peninsula Shores District School - eggs from Sydenham Sportsmen's Association 
were collected first and their alevin are loosing their belly's quicker than the LHFC alevin.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Checking in on a few Schools and dropping off the Feeders & Food

After having the Hydro out this morning and sleeping in, it was off to London Woodland Heights Public Elementary School, Komoka Parkview Public School , Goderich District Collegiate Institute, Brookside Public Schoool & Kincardine's Huron Heights Public School, St Anthony's Separate School and Kincardine Township-Tiverton Public School, everything looks good for the hatch, there were 0 to about 6 eggs that didn't hatch at each of the schools, I'm happy with that. One of the aquariums was a little warm a switch was off but hopefully we caught it soon enough.

Komoka Parkview Public School

Goderich District Collegiate Institute

Brookside Public Schoool 

Kincardine St Anthony's Separate School

Kincardine Township-Tiverton Public School

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lake Huron Fishing Club receives $15,000.00

Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby committee donates $15,000.00 to the Lake Huron Fishing Club to help with the operating costs of raising their Trout & Salmon &/or other conservation activities.

Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby Website

Saturday, December 10, 2016

THE LAKE HURON FISHING CLUB, 2,468,517 Trout relaesd

Located in Kincardine, across from the harbor


·         the Hatchery produces rainbow and brown trout for stocking Lake Huron
·         60,000 rainbow and 60,000 brown trout yearlings will be stocked in 2016
·         2,468,517 trout yearlings have been stocked to date
·         the average yearly operating cost of the Hatchery is $37,500 (monies obtained through various grants and fundraising)

All operations are provided by volunteers – thousands of hours!!!!


We are looking for  volunteers to fill the following positions:

1.      Hatchery General Manager: responsible for oversite and monitoring of all operations relating to fish culture

2.      Maintenance Handyman: responsible for the overall monitoring and maintenance of equipment


Al Wilkins at 519-396-9764 or

Friday, December 9, 2016

Lake Huron Fishing Club check us out

The Lake Huron Fishing Club
What do WE do?
• operate the two fish hatcheries
• provide stream enhancements and environmental improvements
• assist government agencies on assessments
• initiate projects at schools, and
• hosting the Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby.
What can YOU do?
The work of the club relies on thousands of volunteer hours by club members. From time to time the LHFC will be posting current Club activities and programs and asking interested Facebook members to JOIN US, or VOLUNTEER for a number of specific tasks.
All contributions of time are appreciated! For more information regarding volunteering at the
Kincardine fish hatchery, contact Al Wilkins at or 519-396-9764.
For information on volunteering at the Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby, contact Bert Kuntz at or Home 519-389-4203, Cell 519-502-4043.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Yesterday's run to the LHFC Salmon Hatchery, Collingwood and Guelph Schools

Mountain View Elementary and Jean Vanier Catholic High School in Collingwood had their Salmon Egg/Alevin delivered yesterday, I had a bit of a delay because of a Chillers blown fuse so it was off to the auto supply store to get replacements

Guelph Resurrection Christian Academy 

This is what happens when you have to stay late to help with the Salmon arrival. Max gets to dump them into the Aquarium.

Lake Huron Fishing Club Port Elgin Chinook Salmon Hatchery

The LHFC volunteers took 8 days over 2 weeks to get the 100,000 plus salmon eggs from the Sydenham River in Owen Sound the 1st trays you see are from the 1st batch of Salmon netted and are now at the alevin stage and the last one is from the last Salmon netted and placed in the Hatchery and are now at the alevin stage, there is a bit of a difference. They will all be hatched over the next couple of days.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Another day of delivering eggs is over

LHFC Port Elgin Salmon Hatchery 1st 2 trays are from the 1st week of egg collection & the next 2 are from the 2nd week, that is a big difference. About 4,000 in each.

Starting in Chesley before the students were there.

Hanover Heights were very excited when I arrived with their baby's.

Mildmay Sacred Heart with one of the older egg trays.

Northwoods Elementary in Ethel with the new Aquarium as theirs was cracked & removed yesterday, some of the eggs were hatching as I was still there.

Off to Milton Craig Kielburger Secondary School more were hatching

E.C. Drury School for the Deaf was the last stop & we had to melt the ice as I was tired the day we set it up & when they added the water it was sweating quite a bit, likely because it was set for -10 and froze the coil pretty solid opps. We melted the ice off and reset everything back up, hopefully that doesn't happen again.

Thanx and Tight Lines Richard