Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tied for 1st at 9pm when the Tourney ended, fished out of 2 different boats too

Got invited to take part in a small Tourney on Silver Lake with a few guys from Teeswater, 2 guys in a boat fishing but there were a few girlfriends along for part of the day but not fishing or at least not including their catch lol, 3 bass limit weighed throughout the day to keep the bass healthy, I fished with a buddy from about 8:30 until about 1pm and everybody was getting off the water foir a few hours so rather than use Dave's boat I went to town and picked mine up and had a short visit with my grand daughter's that arived about 2pm, grabbed my boat and the tackle needed or wanted, way to much taken lol, at 9:30 we were tied for 1st with 3 bass and 8.5lbs, both teams lost bass that would've help put them over the top and nothing was desided about how to brake a tie so we headed out at 9:25 after the girls had a washroom break and fished until 10pm, Brandon and Justin brought in a Bass about 1 lb, a Crappie and a Pike and Sam caught a 2 lb Largie on a Blackfly Lures Spinnerbait for the win and I caught a 2 lber which gave us anbout a 3 lb lead for $265.00, nice relaxing day with a break in the middle for something to eat and back to the dock for a thunder storm that went threw. Very tough bite after the storm but the sun came back out and everybody enjoyed the day and are planning to do it as an annual event plus do a multi species day with Pike, Crappie, Walleye, Bass and maybe even Bluegill and Perch. # BlackflyLures #Ardentreels #rulethewater #Liquidmayhem #Silverlaketentandtrailerpark

No evening pictures as it was black out when we finished after 10pm.

Thursday, June 1, 2017 - ROGER'S drop's WFN no answer's so far - ROGER'S drop's WFN no answer's so far: not real impressed that wfn was taken away and talking on the phone and live chat they tell me i dont have an account with them rogers bought kincardine cable tv so my money goes into their bank account so they need to listen to what we have to say on a good noter they told me i wouldnt be charged