Monday, November 24, 2014

Resurrection Christian Academy Live Salmon Hatchery Feed

Now this is pretty exciting, at the start of our 5th year we have a School that puts a live feed on the internet now everyone can go on line & watch as the Salmon grow until the release in April or May.
Thanx RCA

Live feed of one of the Lake Huron Fishing Club Aquariums

Friday, November 21, 2014

Salmon Eggs are hatching & the Alevin look good

Wednesday I got a call that one of the Schools thought their aquariums was leaking so I went to check it out & water was coming from under the Aquarium & running onto the floor, so I siphoned all the water out into pails, dumped the egg tray into a separate pail, set up another one, filled it back up with water, set the egg tray back up & transferred the eggs & alevin into the new one. About half the eggs were hatched.
Thursday was a trip to Formosa, Mildmay & Walkerton to start removing their egg trays as all the Eggs have hatched.
Friday was Teeswater & Wingham’s turn, most of the schools only had 1 to 3 eggs that didn't hatch & needed to be removed but a couple schools still had 8 to 12 eggs left to hatch & the egg trays were left in until next week, 1 Alevin had died & was all white & that’s the  1st time I’ve seen that.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

LHFC School Salmon Hatchery Program has expanded to 21 School's

Now that was a long day, started out driving to Port Elgin to meet Brian at the Salmon Hatchery to get the Eggs for some of our school's. After stopping at School's in Walkerton, Mildmay, Formosa, Teeswater, Wingham, Brookside, Goderich, Ethel, Waterloo & Guelph a total of 15 school's, 513 km & 11.5 hours later I was back in Teeswater to unpack the vehicle & relax for the rest of the evening. We have 6 new School's this year & some very excited Students.


North Woods

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic 

St Nicholas Catholic


Resurrection Christian Academy

Saturday, November 1, 2014

We are getting School's ready for Salmon Eggs

My 3rd day of setting up school's so far 2 Schools in Teeswater Hillcrest & Sacred Heart, 2 Schools in Walkerton Sacred Heart High, & WDCS, 2 Schools in Mildmay Junior & Senior Catholic, Ethel North Woods Elementary, 2 Schools in Waterloo Our Lady of Lordes Catholic & St. Nicholaus Catholic & Guelph Resurrection Christian Academy, other club volunteers have set up 2 Schools in Kincardine, 2 Schools in Port Elgin, 1 in Ripley 1 in Southampton, 1 in Goderich & Brookside, I have 3 more to go & the Eggs will be ready to go.
                                                       Ethel - North Woods Elementary