Saturday, November 24, 2012

Congratulations B.P.S.A. 50th Anniversary Potluck Banquet

Just got home from the Banquet, LHFC had an invite to send a couple representatives but the weather didn`t co-operate south of Belgrave so our President couldn`t make it, I decided to go anyway & Congratulated the BPSA on their 50 years of conservation on behalf of the LHFC & then I explained when I said I`d go it was with an agenda, so I got a nice plug in for the LHFC School Salmon Hatchery Program that was received very well & I think we have a New Partner to help with getting the Schools on the Pennisula involved with the Program. They even have a volunteer to help organize it. Another big Congratulations on your 50 years working with the local Youth, Community Living & Conservation. A few pictures from the evening. I didn`t have paper to write down names but here they are.
MP Larry Miller & President Tim Lahey
MP Larry Miller & Charter Member
MPP Bill Walker & Charter Member
Sydenham Sportsmen's Association President

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