Monday, April 22, 2013

Hillcrest & Sacred Heart School Salmon Release & Hatchery tour

The Schools started to release their/our Salmon on Friday April 19th, Starting at 10am the 1st school arrived released the Chinook Salmon then the Students headed to the Trout Hatchery for a tour & it couldn't be a better time, we just collected 61,000 Rainbow Trout Eggs, our Brown Trout are 4 months old & we still have the Rainbows from last year as they will start releasing them on Saturday. I walked into the river to get the Students on Video & found out I have a hole in my Chest waders, water was 47 degrees F, over the next 2 weeks all the Schools will be Releasing their Salmon. ENJOY. After the Release Al set-up a Light House tour to finish off their day.


  1. I like the contents of this blog. very beautiful work you have done so far.
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    1. Thank You, we need the Youth to get involved in the Outdoors & this makes it Easy & Fun to do