Friday, December 20, 2013

LHFC School Salmon Hatchery Program Expands to 17 Schools

The Lake Huron Fishing Club & Bruce Power has started a 3 year Partnership deal with them donating $12,000.00 to let us expand from 10 schools last year to 17 schools this year, here is a bit of video of the Alevin as they get their 1st feed the last day of school before Christmas break. We started off with 1 school in 2010, 3 schools in 2011, a $6,000.00 grant from Libro Financial Group allowed us to expand to 10 school in 2012 & now the grant from Bruce Power allowed us to expand to 17 school in 2013-14, most of the schools were set up in late October but we added 2 in the last week, School that are now involved are located 2 in Goderich, 1 at Brookside, 1 in Wingham, 2 in Teeswater, 2 in Mildmay, 2 in Walkerton, 1 in Ripley, 2 in Kincardine, 2 in Port Elgin, 1 in Southampton & 1 in Wiarton, Thank You very much Bruce Power for your generous donation. Hoping to hit 20 for 2014-15 & the waiting list is growing.

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