Friday, November 21, 2014

Salmon Eggs are hatching & the Alevin look good

Wednesday I got a call that one of the Schools thought their aquariums was leaking so I went to check it out & water was coming from under the Aquarium & running onto the floor, so I siphoned all the water out into pails, dumped the egg tray into a separate pail, set up another one, filled it back up with water, set the egg tray back up & transferred the eggs & alevin into the new one. About half the eggs were hatched.
Thursday was a trip to Formosa, Mildmay & Walkerton to start removing their egg trays as all the Eggs have hatched.
Friday was Teeswater & Wingham’s turn, most of the schools only had 1 to 3 eggs that didn't hatch & needed to be removed but a couple schools still had 8 to 12 eggs left to hatch & the egg trays were left in until next week, 1 Alevin had died & was all white & that’s the  1st time I’ve seen that.

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