Saturday, May 19, 2018

33rd Annual Fish Kincardine Derby

We are thrilled to see how things are looking when it comes to size of fish, I often remember in the last couple of years many anglers reminiscing of the “good old days” when they used to pull out fish that were at least 30 lbs. I always thought it was a tall tale, the last few years saw winners who’s fish weighed between 18 – 16 lbs (last years’ derby winner was 17.07lbs) , this is until I was introduced to what Lake Huron really has to offer with our current leader a 29.04 lbs Lake Trout. Maybe those stories were true after all! We have seen several fish hitting the 20 lbs mark, including a Brown Trout that weighed in at 21.90, the largest I have ever seen was 7 lbs! They are in there and they are hungry! The salmon have also made a return, we in the last couple of years usually saw our first ones usually around day 5, we have seen many large ones already, the current leader being 14.2 lbs. I look forward to the rest of the derby and see what other monsters get pulled out! #LakeTrout #BrownTrout #ChinookSalmon #KincardineTroutHatchery #PortElginSalmonHatchery #Hatchery #LakeHuronFishingClub

Photos provided by Kincardine Chamber and Fish Kincardine Derby:

Tight Lines

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