Monday, April 21, 2014

Lake Huron Fishing Club Gets Money for River and Stream Study

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Lake Huron Fishing Club Kincardine
The Lake Huron Fishing Club is looking to improve its efforts and has some federal funding to do so.
The club has received $53,000 from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, which will be used to study the rivers and streams that empty into Lake Huron between Kincardine and Southampton.
Vice President Michael Hahn says they will be hiring a specialized engineering firm to complete the study, which will give the club an idea of which waterways are the best suited for sustaining natural fish reproduction.
He says this will allow the club to focus its hatchery operations on the waterways that give the fish the best chance for survival, hopefully boosting Lake Huron’s fish populations.
Hahn adds the Lake Huron Fishing Club releases nearly 250,000 salmon and trout into Lake Huron every year.
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  1. release these fish upstream and they will imprint..Release them into the lake and forget it - it is a waste of time

  2. Salmon are released close to the lake but the Rainbows are released well up stream, they have to be put were our Licence tells us to put them & that comes from the MNR