Friday, April 11, 2014

LHFC School Presentation have started again

On Sunday this week Mike Hahn & I went to the Bruce County Museum to put on a Presentation for a group of youth between 6 & 9 years old, I showed a couple Video Presentation & our Samples & Salmon mount & talked about things our Club does, from raising Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Salmon to Tree Planting, the Kids Fishing Day & answered a bunch of questions then Tuesday it was off to Hillcrest School, After showing my slide presentation it's time to show off the props, 1st were the Eyed Salmon Eggs, Milt, Alevin, Alevin Twins, Salmon Smolts, Rainbow Trout, 11 Month Old  Brown Trout, then the Invasive Species samples Spiny Fleas, Zebra Mussels, Round Gobies, Alewives & then the Sea Lamprey the students are always amazed when you start showing them the samples,  
Brown Trout
After asking them how do you think fish find food & they said Seeing, Smelling & I explained that they use their Lateral Line also showing them one of my Flipp'n Jigs & showed them the rattle  & passed around a Chigger Craw to let them smell it.
I talked about a few lure they could use at the up coming Teeswater Kids Derby & showed they my Grand Daughters fishing rod, tackle box & a few of their lures for catching Panfish & Bass, Rowan was happy I brought her Fishing Rod & Tackle Box. We talked about Colors & I showed them different shapes of baits like worms, crayfish, minnows, frogs & let them stretch a few Zero stick baits, they liked them that much I left a pack for them to play with, by the end of the day they managed to break a few by pulling them too far lol.
Then it was time to show the Class how big their Hatchery Salmon could be in 4 years when it's time for them to Spawn. 
Very easy to fill the best part of an hour.
Tight Lines Richard

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