Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hillcrest JK/SK Hatchery Tour

Yesterday started out going to Hillcrest School to pick up the Salmon then off to Ripley to drop off a Cooler for them to load their Salmon up for today's Release, I arrived at the Kincardine Trout Hatchery before the bus & Al W & Steve were there waiting to help with the Release & Hatchery Tour, the Lighthouse Tour was booked for 10:30 so after the Salmon Release the students went over for the Light house Tour 1st than back to the Hatchery for a tour to see the Rainbow Trout Eggs that were 3 days old, Brown Trout are 5 Months Old & our Rainbows that were collected last year so they are about 12.5 months old & are ready to be released on Saturday & Sunday.

Al set up a 65 gallon tank to make it easier for the Students to see the Rainbows.
 3 day old Rainbow Eggs

 Brown Trout Tanks about 10,000 in each tank.

 Rainbow Trout the Students loved this part.

 Showing the JK/SK our fish Transport Tanks.

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Artwork from the Class

After this I was off to Wiarton to put on a Fishing Presentation, talk fishing & show some different equipment used, then loaded up their Salmon & drove back to Kincardine to release the Salmon & Drop off the Samples for the next School Tour.

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