Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mildmay Sacred Heart Junior & Senior School Salmon Release & Trout Hatchery & Lighthouse Tour

After the Mildmay Sacred Heart Junior & Senior release the 150 Salmon Smolts they raised for the Lake Huron Fishing Club the Students gathered at the Kincardine Boat Launch to have a Photo taken.

Rainbow Trout Eggs gathered Apr 25 & 26

Al working his magic with the Students like always.

After the Hatchery & Lighthouse Tour we headed to the Fish Kincardine Derby Weigh Station & this is what the Students were allowed to help weigh. 

Grade 5 with the Derby Leading Trout & Salmon.

            Grade 2/3 with the Leading Trout 16.4 lbs.

Thanx to the Weigh Station Volunteers & the Fisherman that allowed the Students to handle their catch & watch them clean them & showed them the stomach contents.
Hope you enjoyed Richard

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