Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 2 Checking in on a few Schools and dropping off the Feeders & Food, feels like the movie Ground Hog Day lol

Another long day dropping off feeders and food starting at 08:00 in Mildmay Sacred Heart School, Formosa Immaculate Conception, Walkerton District Community School, Walkerton Sacred Heart High School, Hanover Heights Public, Chesley District Community School, Collingwood Parkveiw Public School, Collingwood Jean Vanier High School and ending at Wiarton Peninsula Shores District School at 4:30pm, stopped in for a visit with Dad and home by 8:00pm.  

Mildmay Sacred Heart School

Formosa Immaculate Conception

Walkerton District Community School

Walkerton Sacred Heart High School

Hanover Heights Public

Chesley District Community School

Collingwood Parkveiw Public School

 Collingwood Jean Vanier High School 

Wiarton Peninsula Shores District School

Wiarton Peninsula Shores District School - eggs from Sydenham Sportsmen's Association 
were collected first and their alevin are loosing their belly's quicker than the LHFC alevin.

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