Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Teeswater Sacred Heart School Salmon Release & Hatchery Tour Apr 29-14

Lake Huron Fishing Club School Hatchery Program started to release their Salmon & taking the Students for a tour of the our Hatcheries, we had our Rainbow Trout eggs arrive 2 days ago, so they saw our Rainbow eggs, Brown Trout are 5 months old & the Rainbows are 1 year old, after the Salmon were released the group split in half & one group toured the Hatchery while the other 1/2 toured the Kincardine Lighthouse & the bonus was the rain wasn't pouring down while they released the Salmon.

Tight Lines Richard

Grade 3/4 being told the Rainbow Trout eggs were collected 2 days ago & showing samples of Eggs, Milt, Alevin.



About 10,000 Brown Trout are in each tank at 5 months old.

Having a talk with Grade 7/8 about the different Species of Fish in the area.

Hope You Enjoyed

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