Friday, December 21, 2012

Grade 6 Students Blog From Brookside

We have been watching and watching the fish, almost 24/7. Some have started to swim up towards the top of the fish tank, hitting the glass about halfway up and sliding back down to the bottom of the tank. The other day we had an interview in our classroom, and its going on TV!!!!! Some kids in our class think that having the fish is a great opportunity to learn more about salmon and their natural habitat. They thought it was a great way to tell the people how happy and glad we are to have the fish in our class. It’s a BIG opportunity! Hey, why is a swordfish’s nose 11 inches long??????? Because if it were 12 inches long, it would be a foot!!!! I hope the fish will celebrate Christmas. It would be funny if the fish started singing “Jingle bells”. Our class called one fish Dumdum, because it kept banging its head off the side of the glass. Well, Merry Christmas, to all of you - and the fish!!! Written by Mara, a grade 6 student at Brookside PS

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