Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LHFC Members put a Presentation on for Brookside School lots of Pictures

Friday Nov 30-12 Mike Blumhagen & I put a Presentation on for the Brookside Public School & things went very good, one of the Students were running the Camera & took some pictures to record for themselves. This is a very full class.
Salmon Smolts a litlle bigger than the ones the school will be releasing.
Lamprey eel that usually got a disgusting looking on their faces.
A few round Gobies.
A jar on Tiny Water Fleas
& the hit of the Presentation likely one of the biggest Chinook Salmon caught in Lake Huron Harold Quinn's 36.92 lb 1993 Derby winner.
The student's really enjoyed the Presentation & had lots of questions & stories to share with us all. Hope you Enjoyed.

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