Sunday, December 2, 2012

LHFC receive's a $100.00 donation X 2

I put a post up on the other day & it went like this: Last spring I stopped into the Angling Sports London Ltd store on Adelaide & mentioned LHFC & OS were putting Salmon & Trout in Lake Huron & the guy tying flies said they don't stock fish in Huron any more, so I showed them the LHFC website & we talked for awhile, then I sent them my Blog about the School Salmon Hatchery Program they were very interested, so after expanding the Program this fall I sent another e-mail with the Blog attached & I received a $100.00 cheque today for the LHFC Program & I would like to thank Pat DeVincenzo-Owner/Operator of Angling Sports London Ltd for his generous donation. This is a very nice way to support the local fishing clubs. This was a reply from another long time forum Member: A very nice gesture on Ang/Sprts/Lon,so i got to thinkin,i have been fishin LH/GB tribs for goin on oh about 47 or so yrs,so i have surely seen the best of day's on all trib's.just got home from the Saugeen,a river i have fished for 99.9 % of those forty some odd yrs,now my point is the fish we are getting to-day are 100% the results of the CLUBS like LHFC/OS,and the last few yrs thing's are really picking up and we all know "GOV' don't contribute jack sh$t any more and these club's rely on donation's, so what i did was match Pat DeVencenzo's donation and challenge any or everyone to match or give a little, we all benefit. Dan Tenant My Reply: WOW now we're talking, THANX so much from all of the Members of the LHFC, things are only going to get better, Thanx to the generosity of people around here. Thanx & Tight Lines LHFC School Salmon Hatchery Program Co-ordinator Richard Elliott Jr

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