Thursday, December 20, 2012

Teeswater Sacred Heart School Presentation

Wednesday Dec 19 I was at the Teeswater Sacred Heart School & talked to the Grade 3 to 8 classes in the Gym, I started with who likes to fish & most of the Students hands went up pretty quick, I talked about the Lake Huron Fishing Club our hatcheries, Derby Transporting Adult Trout from Denny's Dam to Hanover & the health of Lake Huron. The invasive Species were brought up & how they are changing the lake & some fishing techniques, I had a few volunteers to help walk through the Students & show them the Samples I had with me, Spiny Water Fleas, Zebra Mussels, Gobies, Alewives, Lamprey also I had Salmon Egg, Milt, Alevin, Salmon Smolts & a 36.92 lb Salmon that really impressed them. Some of the question are what is your biggest fish, what is your favorite kind of fish (Bass), were do you fish & were is the best spot to fish (Lake X) lol, this is a very positive experience & you can talk about the LHFC & your own style of fishing, Schools that have had a Presentation are North Port Al W. & Bob Greason, Goderich Mike Blumhagen, Brookside Mike & I, Wingham Maitland River, Teeswater Hillcrest, Teeswater Sacred Heart Richard, there are still a few more to do but not until the New Year.

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